Vaccine tracking to keep your employees and office spaces safe

Track employee vaccination status and restrict who is eligible to come into the office with Eden Workplace’s employee vaccine tracking system.

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Track, manage, and tackle internal IT and help requests from start to finish with Eden Workplace’s IT and workplace help desk ticketing system.

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Vaccine tracking software to manage office and employee safety

  • Track employee vaccine statuses in one place

  • Manage who is eligible to spend time in the office

  • Indicate who needs to take health questionnaires

  • Review changelog of vaccine approvals

Vaccine Tracking Upload Screen

Say goodbye to the honor system

Employees can upload their vaccine cards directly to their profile for your HR admins to verify. With Eden Workplace's vaccine tracking software, you can manage which employees are approved to work from the office and set requirements for who needs to fill out health questionnaires in one customizable, digitized system.

Vaccine Tracker Eligibility Screenshot
Vaccine Tracker Card Screenshot

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"The all-in-one nature of Eden Workplace’s office management software has made managing multiple workspaces effortless – and saves time, both for me and my employees."
Robert Hightower
Workplace Manager


"Eden has been integral to the safety of our office. From contact tracing to knowing who will be in the office and when, Eden has been more valuable than we initially imagined."
Kate R.
Review from Capterra


One system to seamlessly manage your workplace

Make vaccine tracking quick, simple, and efficient with Eden Workplace.
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