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In February 2021, Eden Workplace partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct the Eden Workplace Return to Office Survey. To keep our pulse on the finger of America's office workers, Wakefield surveyed 1,000 nationally representative full- and part-time employees.


Key Takeaways

  • 85% of office workers are looking forward to returning to the office.

  • The survey reveals more than half (52%) of office workers report socializing with colleagues as their top reason for wanting to return to the office. Other missed benefits by employees included having access to proper work equipment (44%) and getting out of the home (44%). 

  • The results also indicate different perspectives by age and ethnicity. While 89% of millennials wish to return to the office, only 80% of baby boomers felt the same. Also, while 90% of non-white people expressed that they were looking forward to returning to the office, the results for white people were slightly lower at 84%. 

  • Employees don’t expect a major shift in how they will dress for work with more than half (53%) expecting to return to their pre-COVID, in-office dress style.
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